Will he stay or will he go?

Last updated : 12 January 2007 By Paul Lagan
Is Jose Mourinho preparing his exit from Stamford Bridge?
If you, like me, believe the rumbling of discontent reported to be coming from one side of the thin walls of Stamford Bridge, then you had better prepare for the leaving of The Special One.
Even the official propaganda website was forced to acknowledge the so-called rumours.
In a blatant and very unsuccessful attempt to spin the story, they claim that Jose is very happy at Chelsea.
To try and tempt you into signing up to Chelsea TV, the web guys released a part transcript of a message to fans, from Jose, to be relayed sometime tonight on the channel.
In it Mourinho states: " I love Chelsea just for two-and-a half-years but I love Chelsea.
"I want to win always the next game and the next game is against Wigan.

"We have to be together to win that game and we have to forget the stories, we have to forget what the press is saying.

"It's easy for me. I'm self-motivated, always at the top. If results are not what we want, that is even a bigger motivation to fight."

So, there you have it - in Jose's own words - absolutely nothing!

He has not denied he has told friends and staff he is off in the summer.
I think the club needs to explain once and for all what is going on?
Everyone has a fall out with work colleagues - but you get over it ,and have it dealt with it in a professional manner.
If relations between Jose, Kenyon and Abramovich has reached the point of no return, then let's have a dignified and planned exit.
But get on with it.
Otherwise the club, sorry brand will attract even more undertstandable negative attention - not a good thing for Kenyon and his business-conscious image.