Twitter Reacts as Manchester United & Chelsea Lineups Fail to Impress in Premier League Opener

Manchester United vs Chelsea.

One of English footballs biggest matches, a fixture that over the years​ has been littered with world class talent, fronted by managers at the absolute top of their game, and sometimes billed as a possible title decider.

Not anymore, it would seem.

After the lineups broke for the final match of the opening weekend of Premier League football, instead of fans brimming with confidence and excitement, instead onlookers were instilled with certain degree of disappointment.

Well, they were on Twitter at least.


One user even harked back to the glory days, when both squads had enough talent to fill a league. And when put side by side, it doesn't make for great viewing...


​​It certainly fails to live up to the billing of seasons gone by, but naturally we are witnessing one club undergoing a huge transitional phase, while the other is undergoing a transfer ban. Nevertheless, fans aren't massively enthused, it must be said.



​​Fortunately, one user at least tried to look at it realistically, noting that the lineups may be poor, but they won't be changing anytime soon.

​​Where these two end up this season shall be interesting indeed. But for the time being, there are matters on the pitch to deal with.

Source : 90min

Source: 90min