San Marino boss: It was a pleasure

England scored a predictable 5-0 win over group E minnows San Marino tonightt at Wembley In a Euro 2016 qualifier.
But the visitors' boss Pierangelo Manzaroli was no way disheartened with the result.
He said: "The experience and the pleasure of playing in such a great stadium and against such a tough team is what I take from this match.
"As for the result against teams of this status sometimes it's worse, but we played a good first half.
If we're more careful we might not have conceded two goals in the first half.
"I knew it would be difficult from the start, but we did as well as as we could, it was no surprise we contained them for as long as we could.
"I have no regrets, we believed we could take the game down the path it went. England could have scored more so we were a bit lucky, but in the first half they over achieved.
"We now have to get a result from the rest of the campaign, but we can get results against other sides, maybe a historic draw or even more an historic win. If we play with more passion. I don't think I will be manager of the team in five years, it is very stressful."