Jokanovic Apologises

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The Yugoslav international has been released on a free transfer from the club and despite being refused a new deal after failing to win over the Chelsea management and fans, he insists that he gave 100%. The 33-year-old was notoriously unpopular with the Chelsea fans and was regularly barracked whenever he came on the field. He became the symbol for many fans, of Chelsea’s lack of success.

But, despite the abuse he had to withstand, he says he understands why the fans got angry with him. He said: "I know that in some games the supporters weren’t very happy with me, but every time I pulled on the Chelsea shirt I tried to do well. That is all I could do and know if I look myself in the mirror I can say I always tried my best".

"I understand that sometimes that wasn’t good enough for the supporters and for that I’m sorry, but I always tried. It’s true I was a regular and played a lot of games last season, but I know I played well in some matches and not so well in others. I was too inconsistent. The fans must know I tried to play well every time I played".

He added, "My contract finished and now I’m looking for another club. I’d have been very happy if I had stayed at Chelsea, but I am 33-years-old and the club is looking for younger players. I am not disappointed at how things have worked out. I had a happy two years at Chelsea and now I’m looking for something different".

Good luck to you Slavisa! I for one feel ashamed by the behaviour of some of my fellow supporters and I honestly believe that their lack of support did not help your confidence or situation. At least you can leave "the bridge" now with dignity, and your head held high. Thank you for your efforts and your continued professionalism.