Four reasons why Pep Guardiola wont join Chelsea

Roman Abramovich's millions justifies any speculation, but who are we to say that Guardiola will be tempted by money?

Guardiola is the most coveted manager in football right now, and Roman Abramovich has made it clear to us all that he wants the Spaniard at Stamford Bridge, as soon as possible.

Below I have Four reasons why Pep Guardiola will snub Roman Abramovich's interest, as the Russian will soon continue the manager merry-go-round at Chelsea Football Club.

Roman Abramovich.

No doubt, the Russian oilgarch can offer Pep an unbelievable salary as he plans his most recent revelation of Chelsea. The squad currently have arguably the most exciting, attacking, young talent ? but currently lack a manager to bring in a certain footballing philosophy. Rafael Benitez has been brought in, and although I think he will do well at the club ?  he is another manager that Roman Abramovich doesn't really want.

Pep won 14 major trophies in his four years at Barcelona, and clearly idolizes eminence and success, over money. He doesn't seem the type of character to be attracted by money, nor the unlimited resources that Abramovich could offer. The Spaniard could easily earn a sufficient wage at a club with more stability, a 'family football club'.

Roman Abramovich

Manchester United.

Pep Guardiola's natural destination, I think, is Old Trafford. Their history & ethos of the club will no doubt appeal to Pep. The 26 year tenure of Sir Alex Ferguson has seen Manchester United become the most successful English Football Club. Manchester United have offered stability to Sir Alex Ferguson ? even when times were tough for the Scot.

The pressure of managing the 'Greatest Side of World Football' would have steered Pep into the right direction in to how to manage at Old Trafford. The task to echo Sir Alex Ferguson's achievements is almost near on impossible ? although Guardiola will have a years rest behind him, as he looks to venture in to the Barclays Premier League with the most successful side in its respected history.

Sir Alex Ferguson.

With two Champions League triumphs over Sir Alex Ferguson and reported secret meetings with the legendary Scot, Pep has no doubt forged a close bond with the Manchester United manager. Sir Alex Ferguson knows all too well of Guardiola's ability, as his Barcelona side dominantly outclassed the Manchester Club in both games.

Sir Alex will have a major say in who is appointed the next Manchester United boss, and with 14 major trophies in just four years ? the Manchester United hierarchy will be licking their lips at the idea of appointing Pep Guardiola.

Sir Alex Ferguson

There are plenty of other jobs available.

Now, Manchester United are definitely not the only side interested in Guardiola, and it would be foolish to assume he would automatically choose The Red Devils.

Brazil, AC Milan, Inter Milan, Arsenal have all been reported to be interested in Pep Guardiola. Perhaps revitalizing AC Milan to the team that were once the most dominant side in European football? Or the international fame of coaching the nation with the most World Cups? Or Arsenal, who under the guidance of Arsene Wenger have already implemented the philosophy of Barcelona's 'tiki-taki' football style ? just not a similar effect as Barcelona.

Guardiola will have plenty of options when he eventually returns to the game. We will not know who will get the privilege of appointing the Spaniard when it comes to the beginning of next season, although I can guarantee ? it wont be Chelsea Football Club.


Guardiola easily turned down Chelsea' money, could he turn down Sir Alex Ferguson's legacy?

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