End this petty feud now

Last updated : 15 January 2007 By Paul Lagan
The time has come to end this pathetic in-fighting.
Yes, It's amusing and deflects away the recent poor results, particularly at home, but enough is enough.
Anyone who has the fortune to have run a football club successfully, knows that the only way to maintain that success is to work together with all parts of the machinery working to their maximum.
It does not matter if you are running a Sunday league team or the Premiership champions, the principles are the same.
All that matters is the team.
Chelsea's team is clearly suffering from a combination of poor strategic planning and bad luck coupled with over inflated egos.
By deciding to lower the numbers of his first team squad to 21, Jose felt players would play more  and thus would be happier to sit out other matches.
Now that is fine when you have a normal run of injuries and suspensions.
It's still a risk, but one both Jose, Kenyon and Roman must have agreed on.
What clearly has gone wrong is that no contingency was factored into the plan.
What happens if there is an abnormal injury crisis added to suspensions?
Jose wants new blood, Roman is saying 'I gave you what you wanted - are you taking the piss, son' - or words to that effect.
Now chief executive Peter Kenyon's job is to ensure a smooth and efficient running of the business on a day-today basis .
He is now pivotal. He must get Jose and Roman together and broker a deal that will reconcile the two without affecting brand Chelsea.
Failing that, I'll knock their heads together.
So come on Peter, sort it out and let's have a united front at Liverpool at the weekend.

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