Chelsea's response to death threats to their manager....

Last updated : 20 February 2008 By Paul Lagan
It's difficult to work out why Chelsea have failed to mention that their manager Avram Grant had received a hideous death threat.
While the boys and Grant were in Athens yesterday for the Champions League match against Olympiakos, a staff member at Chelsea's training ground in Cobham, Surrey, opened a package containg a whilte powder and a written death threat against Grant.

Chelsea have not issued any statement on the incident - why?

Do they get these threats all the time to the point where it's just not worth it?
I doubt it.
Do they hope that by not mentioning it, it will just all blow over and nothing more will come of it?
I doubt it.
Has the police told them not to say anything?
I doubt it

Are they incapable of actually deciding what to say in response to a senior manager getting a death threat?
I suspect that this is closer to the truth with a dash of hoping it will all blow over if they say nothing.

Chelsea are more than happy to make pronouncements about why Michael Essien was caught on camera wearing an Arsenal shirt last week.
That type of thing might be seen as a veiled attack on 'brand Chelsea' and must be stapped on.
But when it comes to criminal activity of this sort - where the safety of minions who open envelopes (you don't expect Grant to open his own do you?) is at stake, Chelsea just don't have a clue.

I hope whoever sent the package is caught and the full extent of the law is brought upon him or her - I just don't expect Chelsea to utter a word about it - do you?

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