Cesc Fabregas Blasts Chelsea for Highlighting Constant Negativity Despite Successful Season

​Cesc Fabregas blasted former club Chelsea prior to their Europa League final victory, pointing the blame at the club's executives for the negativity surrounding the Blues. 

Fabregas spent five years in west London and admitted that during his time there were numerous occasions in which he felt that there was an unnecessary hostility that seemed to engulf the place. 

Cesc Fabregas,Maurizio Sarri

In an interview with BT Sport (as quoted by ​Goal), the Spanish international mentioned a series of incidents that involved previous players and management that caused avoidable controversy simply due to the powers above not clearing the air.

"I mean Mourinho leaves the club, they have a fight. Conte leaves the club, they go to court," the 32-year-old said. 

Some of the biggest legends who played for ​Chelsea in recent times [Thibaut] Courtois, Diego Costa; the club doesn’t come out and say how things are, so they just let the fans think whatever they want to think, they don’t have enough information. 


“Someone should come out every now and then and talk to the press and say what’s happening, if not, there are so many questions surrounding the club."

The midfielder known for his classy ways on the pitch didn't hold back when discussing his former team and went on to suggest that all the constant negativity, caused largely by the press, is leaving a lingering black cloud over what has been a pretty successful season down at Stamford Bridge. 

"We should be talking about the season they have had, qualifying for the Champions League, and being in two cup finals, something has to change for sure," he added.

Maurizio Sarri was given the task of leading the club back into the Champions League and he succeeded in doing so twice in his first season, finishing third behind the runaway Manchester City and Liverpool. He now also has a Europa League title to add to his CV, as the Italian has managed to achieve all the objectives set by the club last summer.

Source : 90min