Bolton Wanderers 0 Chelsea 4

Chelsea hammered Bolton by four goals to nil to keep up our 100 per cent recent record at the Reebok Stadium

That's eight straight wins without conceedeing a goal.

Didier Drogba, Florent Malouda Nicolas Anleka and Ramires got the strikes which made it a memorable night.

Chelsea fans have been universally praised for their silent tribute to Bolton legend Nat Lofthouse who died last week.

So off the pitch it was gold and on the pitch too.

At the Chelsea youth team game last Thursday where the Blues boys defeated Arsenal 2-1, I was chatting to a very high-ranking member of the Chelsea family.

He confirmed to me that Monday's match was "crucial".

He would not elaborate further but it was clear that had the match gone pear-shaped, then serious questions would ned to be made at board level.

As it happens, if Carlo's future was on the agenda, then it looks as if Ancelotti's luck held out.

The same source revealed that he felt Carlo was "playing it safe" in his team selections.

The win 2-0 over Blackburn Rovers at Stamford Bridge two weeks' ago a case in hand.

Ancelotti was thinking about bringing in Daniel Sturrdge for Drogba and Josh McEachran into midfield.

In the end he played neither of the kids, despite the club board wishing to see these players get more matches.

This collision course mentality would normally have resulted in the manger receiving his P45 at SW6, like Ray Wilkins just recently, but Carlo enjoys, for now, the support of 'Rambo' Abramovich and so he can afford to be at odds with Chelsea's ongoing footballing strategy.

Up next is the FA Cup clash at Everton.