What Do We Need?

Last updated : 06 January 2004 By Rich Godden
I have read a topic on the messageboard saying that we need another goalie to compete with Carlo. For me, Jurgen Macho is that man. Why sign another goalie when we have over a dozen on our books? Once Macho is at full fitness, the pecking order will be: Cudicini, Macho, Sullivan, Ambrosio, Pidgeley.

However, we seem to be in need of a new central defender. For all of his qualities, Marcel seems to be missing something at the moment. With him in the side, we look weaker. Now, I am hoping that this is just a temporary blip. But even so, we're going to need a new defender sooner or later. So why not sign one now, giving him plenty of time to settle?

The biggest rumours surround Roberto Ayala. As good as he is, I can't see the logic in paying £11million for a 31 year old defender who we will lose for up to five games a season due to international commitments with Argentina. The better option, in my opinion, will come from France. We have two options here....

Firstly, Phillipe Mexes. 21 years old, solid as a rock and with pace as well. What more can you want. And, if I am not mistaken, he wouldn't cost us an arm and a leg like Ayala would. The other option is Daniel Van Buyten. I can hear your cries already, "who the hell is he?".

Well, I can inform you that Mr van Buyten is one of the most coveted defenders in Europe. Unfortunately, he would cost around the same price as Ayala. But with age on his side, rather than against him.

Now on to midfield. The club seem to be intent on signing a new midfielder. Didn't we sign half a dozen midfielders this summer? And we have loaned out Alexei Smertin and Bolo Zenden. If things are so bad, recall them. But I think that we have more than enough in midfield, once everyone is fully fit.

And finally, we have the strikers. The press are adamant that we will sign David Trezeguet. The quality that we already have in attack makes our current scoring problems quite baffling. No one seems to be scoring regularly, and we are relying on our midfielders to chip in with goals too much.

Whilst it is good that we don't rely on one player for our goals (a la Arsenal, Man Yoo and Newcastle), it would be nice for someone to get into some sort of goalscoring form.

Jimmy seems out of sorts at present, Mutu couldn't score in a brothel at the moment (11 games with no goal), Crespo seems to get injured or dropped whenever he does score and Eidur seems to miss too many chances even if his all round play is good.

The only Chelsea striker scoring with any real consistency?? Mikael Forssell. And there lies our answer for a new striker...