Nothing Going Right

Last updated : 20 January 2004 By Rich Godden
The problem that we are currently experiencing down the right hand side is that we regularly play two players who don't appear to be up to the job. Jesper Gronkjaer is regularly seen on our right wing, despite failing to provide the high quality service that our front men require. And behind him, more often than not is Glen Johnson.

Now, Glen has youth on his side so there is absolutely no reason to rush his progress. So why does Claudio keep on playing him?? He is clearly out of his depth 90% of the time, so why not play Mario Melchiot more often?? Our defence looks better with Mario there, yet he still gets overlooked by Claudio. It's absolute madness.

And with Mario playing at right back, we also see a better Jesper Gronkjaer. In a way, you could say it covers up his incompetence somewhat. But that's just my temporary solution to the troublesome right hand side...

Now onto the matter of Adrian Mutu. Not only is he a great player but he also has a great heart. Unfortunately, when things aren't going so well for us, his judgement seems to be clouded. He tries to do everything and is close to getting himself into trouble. Earlier in the month, we saw him clash with El Hadji Diouf, resulting in Diouf's sending off. It was a needless clash, but one that happened all the same.

Previously, he famously clashed with Sinisa Mihajlovic of Lazio. Whilst no one can excuse Mihajlovic's actions, Mutu played his part with a vicious elbow to the Serbian defender.

And then on Sunday, we saw Mutu clash with Darren Purse. Purse claimed that he was confronted by Mutu in the tunnel, who wanted "afters" as Purse put it.

Adrian, you are a classy player and we love the way you terrorise defenders- just try and keep it legal in future, before you land yourself in hot water...