Carlo Sets The Record Straight

Last updated : 22 January 2004 By Rich Godden
In case you hadn't heard, Carlo is on his way out of Chelsea. If you read the tabloid papers that is! Fortunately, Carlo has set the record straight on Chelsea TV... and it's good news. He's going nowhere!

The newspapers in question (The Sun and The Mirror) both featured an almost identical story. The basic jist of the story is that Carlo was leaving Chelsea because his missus wanted to go back to Italy and his kids were also unhappy with English life.

However, Carlo revealed that he doesn't even have any kids! He also says that he now longer has a wife, as they seperated several months ago... It's great that he set the record straight, but why should he have to reveal details about his personal life?

I find it absolutely disgusting that the press have effectively invaded his personal life. What makes it even worse is that Carlo is such a likeable character and is always happy to speak with the press. And when he does, he does so without complaint and always with a smile on his face.

Carlo was actually the first player that I have interviewed and I think he realised this during the interview by how nervous I was. But he was an absolute delight to speak to- very detailed in his answers, a wonderful sense of humour and so very polite!

Why the newspapers decided to pick on him is beyond me. I just hope that Carlo can now get back to doing what he does best- being the best goalie in the Premiership!!