Why for Chelsea Lampard still glows

Considering the demanding nature of the English Premier League, any striker would happily take a record of having APP: 314 , GLS: 123 , ASST: 84 & winning multiple honours along the way. To add to this,he has been the most prolific penalty taker during this period. However, these statistics surprisingly belong, to one quite brilliant English midfielder Frank Lampard of Chelsea FC.

Lampard moved to Chelsea in the summer of 2001 form East London rivals West Ham United for ?11 million. His endless contribution in goals & assist each season has been nothing short of magnificent thus, making him the club?s second highest goal scorer in history. However, Lampard?s leadership skills & stature are paramount qualities which have contributed in Chelsea?ssucceed. Age, is the only negative for Lampard but even that has not dithered his contribution for the club.

Frank Lampard?scolossal contribution for Chelsea in the EPL 2012-13.

With Frank Lampard

Games Played: 15
Win: 12
Draw: 2
Loss: 1
Points: 38 of 45

Without Frank Lampard

Games Played: 8
Win: 1
Draw: 4
Loss: 3
Points: 7 of 24

One thing?s for sure, Frank Lampardcertainly has a few years left in the tank. If Chelsea were to allow him to leave, the void to fill would be next to impossible.

Source: DSG