** Veron Threatened with Machete **

Last updated : 12 January 2004 By Liam Corbett
Chelsea midfielder Juan Veron has been threatened with a machete in his own home.

His house was broken into at about 7.30am, breaking in through a bedroom window.

The £15 million midfielder was left unharmed, but over £60,000 worth of items had been stolen,

The police were contacted immediatly after the intruder fled.

The former Lazio and Manchester United midfielder and his girlfriend, Maria Vinaccia, woke to find the man standing over them in their bedroom, brandishing a large knife.

The couple's children were also threatened as the man demanded jewellery and cash, according to the Evening Standard.

There were eight people in the house at the time of the attack - with two women being forced at knifepoint into a bathroom.

Having your family's life threatened in your own home?

Puts football into perspective .....