Roman ain't going anywhere

Chelsea's owner Roman Abramovich is furious at suggestions that he is going to abandon Chelsea and sell-up.
A so-called newspaper claimed today that the owner of the Blues was looking to overseas investors to take over at SW6, and the Russian has instructed the club's lawyers to take defamation proceedings against the newspaper.
The underfire club is getting unwelcome attention from all quarters at present, but it's the notion that Abramovich is planning to move away from his investment which has caused this legal response.
Chelsea's chief executive Peter Kenyon confirmed: "There has been a lot of rumour and speculation surrounding Chelsea and the owner's commitment to the club.
"I can assure you on his behalf that this is totally unfounded and anything else you might read about this is rubbish. Chelsea is not for sale. The owner has not and is not looking to sell his interest in the club and he remains as committed as ever."
It's disappointing that it takes a potential legal action to move Abramovich into making his feelings for the club known.
It's being more than five years since the Russian took over the club and in that time I can recall just a couple of occasions where Abramovich has committed himself to talking about his position to the supporters of this great club.
Chelsea plan to publish their yearly accounts in a couple of weeks. It is expected that there will be a statement within that from Abramovich which confirms his continued financial support for Chelsea.
His personal fortune has taken a battering in recent months and that has sparked great interest in Abramovich and his future interests and if they include Chelsea.
Clearly they are.
But if the man took more time to engage with supporters, perhaps attending one of the club's brilliantly titled Night on a Stool occasions, then such legal proceedings may not be necessary.
I'm sure lawyers for the club and newspaper involved will be having a few conversations in the next couple of days.
As the old TV slogan said - "it's good to talk"