Neil Frazer and Jose Mourinho

Last updated : 09 February 2005 By Paul Lagan

Neil Frazer, Chelsea's long-serving club doctor has left the Stamford Bridge outfit.

Now the club have issued a statement saying the doc left due to ill health.
In this most Stalinist of clubs, propaganda is carefully controlled.

However, I can reveal that all was not quite what it seemed between Frazer and Jose Mourinho.

For some time the pair have just not hit it off and have clashed on a number of occasions, in private and at the training ground.

My source close to the club has been privy to a number of bust-ups between the two this season.

The latest Arjen Robben injury was just the final straw.
In fact it was Robben's pre-season injury that caused the first bust-up.

Doctor Frazer was asked by Mourinho how long Robben was going to be out of action.

Mourinho, in his eyes, wanted the certainty of a time-scale so he could plan the early part of the season for the team, but just as importantly to make plans for Robben's return.

Mourinho wanted to set up training and match-practice sessions for Robben straight away and needed the information straight away.

Frazer was not prepared to compromise his professional integrity by supplying information to Mourinho that he felt was not accurate.

Mourinho is meticulous in all his preparations.
Training is set up days in advance so all the staff including players know exactly what is going to happen. Mourinho see things in black and white, there is no grey area for him

But in the case of medical rehabilitation, there cannot be that certainty.
Frazer would or could not give Mourinho the information he wanted in the way he wanted it.

As a result of this impasse the two has have a frosty relationship all season.

Robben's broken metatarsal injuries simply brought the whole debacle to a head.

Neither man has come out of this with any credit - Mourinho as the senior manager was never in danger of losing the battle and so Frazer is no longer the club doctor.

The boys and girls at Chelsea-Mad wish Neil all the best and thank him for the time and effort he has taken to get the players and staff fit and ready for action.

We also wish Arjen a speedy recovery.