Jose: We'll Win It

With 14 matches and 43 points still to be played for, Mourinho has come out and said he believes that we will win the league. Even with a 10 point lead this is still a confident comment!

“I think we will win the League. In this moment it is easier to win the League than the Champions League or even the FA Cup. The easiest competition to win for both us and for Liverpool is the Carling Cup because if we win one game or Liverpool win one game then the Cup is in the hands.

“But when you have a ten point lead in the Premiership, it is easier than at the start of the season when everybody has the same points. It is still difficult. We still need to win 11 matches.

“The Champions League could slip away because of the quality of the opponents. I think nobody can criticise Chelsea if we lose against Barcelona or criticise Arsenal if they lose against Bayern Munich or Man United if they lose against Milan. It is a giants’ battle.

“That is why I say to win the Champions League you need luck but to win the Premiership you don’t need luck, you just need to be the better team.”

Let's be honest, everyone is thinking the same, but to come out and say it is a different thing altogether.