Jose: 11 matches to be champions

Jose Mourinho was in bullish and expansive mood following his side's crushing of the Red Devil's last night.

Chelsea reached the final of the Carling Cup by defeating Manchester United 1-2 on aggregate, and then sent out a warning message to the rest of Europe.

The Blues' boss, celebrating his 42nd birthday, said: "We can win four (trophies), we can lose four, but it would be normal to win something. To win the four is very, very difficult but it is still possible.

"There is a long way to do it but if you could give me the Premiership I would be very happy."

He added: "It is still difficult, we still have to win 11 matches to be champions but we have left a message here that we are really strong."

Speaking about the Carling Cup final at Cardiff's Millennium Stadium on February 27, Mourinho said: "This is just the final though, we have not won the competition and we have to now face another great team in Liverpool.

"I was ready to lose the game and leave Old Trafford with a smile just to pass a message of confidence.

"But my team would never lose their confidence or mentality just because of a defeat here."