Is Chelsea for sale or not?

The past couple of days has seen several stories circulating about the future ownership of our club.
Today we hear that an Arab tycoon and German investors are looking into the possibility of taking control of Stamford Bridge.
Last week, a national newspaper ran with a story that Roman Abramovich was looking to sell-up.
So what are we, the lowly fans expected to believe?
In regards to the last story, Chelsea have taken out legal proceedings for libel with Chelsea stating that the club was not for sale.
The first story takes a different stance. It's like if you or I have thought about buying the club. There is nothing illegal in that. In fact myself and a few Chelsea-Mad "investors" are looking into the possibility as I write.
All these stories do is create a climate of uncertainty.
Fans are beginning to debate Roman's Chelsea story, unsure if it's about to come to an end.
Chelsea's chief executive Peter Kenyon has stated that the club is not for sale - that should be the end to the speculation.
But it just won't go away.
And do you know why? It's because the owner himself has not said a dicky bird on the subject.
He may have instructed Mr Kenyon to make proclamations, but there is nothing better that to hear the words from the horse's mouth, so to speak.
So why is Roman so reticent to speak to the millions of Chelsea fans from around the world?
Chelsea-Mad would be delighted to spread the word, to let the world know what the future of Chelsea is.
So come on, Roman, give me a call or email me at