How the Mata deal was done

Juan Mata to Manchester United is not the words Chelsea fans would have expected to hear this time last season.

But the two times Chelsea player of the year is heading up the M6 to join the Premier League champions and £40m is going to SW6.

The deal to Old Trafford accelerated on Monday, and word on the street is that leaks from the Manchester end has accelerated the process.

Chelsea, as is their modus operandi have said nothing about the Mata deal. They prefer to let their talking be done between agents.

It's believed that United, via an agent contacted Chelsea about their interest almost three weeks ago.

Naturally for any go-ahead to take place a conversation had to be had between Jose Mourinho and technical director Michael Emanalo.

As we know Emanalo is Roman's agent on Earth, but Jose and Chelsea's hierarchy came to a deal during his terms of contract arrangements during the summer, that he, Jose, would have the final say on who comes in and who goes out.

Well, when I say final say, that is always with the football board, but they have accepted that Jose's recommendations would be followed through.

So, presumably Emanalo and Mourinho had this conversation and agreed that Mata would be allowed to leave.

That recommendation went to the board. At that point, it's out of Jose's hands and the board - Ron Gourlay and advisors then work through the deal.
So did Gourlay and co strike a deal?

Of course they did. Juan told his pals that he was leaving SW6 and it's believed he informed his Spanish pals at the club at the weekend to that effect.

The players were given two days off training following Sunday's win over Manchester United and Mata did not train today.

Now it's a case of clubs and agent to sort out the final details and for Chelsea to announce in their customary fashion, usually about 1pm that Mata is  gone and they thank him for his services and wish him all the best in the future.