Ferguson to give Lampard and Cole contracts

Frank Lampard and Ashley Cole have been a great success for the West London club however due to the owner's idea of having a clear out of all the veterans, it means that the likes of Terry, Lampard and Cole aren't receiving the contracts that they deserve.

There has been a lot of talk about Cole joining Real Madrid of PSG in the January transfer window. However Ancelotti and Mourinho have both denied any chances of signing the English left back. Also chelsea have increased their interest in Leighton Baines which could hint at a move for Cole.

Frank Lampard has been a true legend for Chelsea over the years however he isn't seen as a vital player in the Chelsea board this season, to the surprise of the fans. This means that teams such as La galaxy and Arsenal FC have been on high alert for the talented midfielder.

Sir Alex Ferguson believes that he will be able to tempt the two English men to join the Manchester clubs in the summer on a free transfer but Chelsea have refused to sell the players to any other British club. QPR have also had an interest in the duo, mainly Frank Lampard. Fergie even hinted that he was considering on offer in the January transfer window but Chelsea have decided to have no business with any Premier League clubs during this time.

Fergie thinks that they would be great signings for the club because they can influence the team both on and off the field. He says that he would give the two 1 year rolling contracts which would mean that they could continue playing at the top until they wanted to.

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Source: DSG