Cole lambasted by Jose

Jose Cole was vilified by his boss following Chelsea's 2-0 victory over Birmingham yesterday, and threatened with expulsion from the side.

Jose Mourinho held no punches as he brought the England midfielder to book for what he saw as a woeful performance by the player.

Cole, who with Herman Crespo produced the comic moment of the match when either should have scored when on-on-one with goalkeeper Maik Taylor, was set upon by Mourinho in the post-match press conference.

Mourinho said: "I have told Joe that if he plays like that again in his next match he will be out of the side.

"He was playing to the crowd with his flicks and not for the team.
"He is suspended for the West Ham game on January 2, and so I have given him four days off to think about what I have said."

Chelsea did not play well and it could very well be a diverting tactic by Mourinho.

But the Blues have still achieved three wins in the festive break and are well clear in the title race.

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