Chelsea-Mad says: Leave JT alone

Last updated : 30 January 2010 By Paul Lagan

John Terry tried to cover up details of an affair from reaching the national newspapers.

It's more likely that it was the decision of whoever JT takes advice from.

Whoever it was made a poor decision as it was always destined to fail.

Rumours within media circles had already identified JT as the subject of the super injunction.

Once the high court overturned the "super injunction" which prevented anyone from publishing the story or even to acknowledge its existence, the nationals were always going to go over JT like a rash.

Now there is a growing chorus by the morally corrupt national press for JT to lose his captaincy of England.

This is complete and utter nonsense.

Whatever JT did between the closed doors of his private life should not affect his professional standing.

There is every chance that the women involved will have taken professional advice of her own, and I fully expect to be hearing her side of the story very soon in print.

She will of course most likely be earning quite a few quid from it too.

JT knows his reputation in the game, Chelsea fans are fully aware of it too. More importantly Chelsea FC know as well.

It will be for them to decide if he has brought the Blues into disrepute.

Unless JT's actions prevented him from going about his day-to-day duties as a player, then Chelsea should view the issue, as Chelsea-Mad does, and declare it a private matter.

JT may have lost a good friend - he may have lost the respect of a few of his teammates, but Chelsea-Mad echoes what the Bilble is wont to say on these occasions: Let he who be without sin, cast the first stone.

There are those within the national press who are demanding JT hands back his  England armband who should take a bit of a look at their own behaviour.

There are those within Chelsea FC who might want to see JT taken down a peg or two who should look at their own private lives.

Then there are the fans of the opposition sides who just love to throw this in his face and have a pop at him. Chelsea-Mad says fair enough, bring it on.

This website supports JT in this instance. This website knows the extraordinary lengths JT has gone to look after disadvantaged supporters of all sides. He does this without any desire for publicity.

Whatever the cost to JT's marriage and to the effect this will have on his two kids, it's a price JT will have to pay.

A Chelsea spokesman said, "This is a personal matter for John Terry.

"The club will give John and his family all the support they need in dealing with it."

Chelsea FC and Chelsea-Mad, for once, stand full square behind JT.