Chelsea to stump up 3.5m for Daniel

Last updated : 15 January 2010 By Paul Lagan

Chelsea will have to pay Manchester City ££3.5m for the services of Daniel Sturridge.

The sum will rise to £6.5m after a set amount of appearances form the Blues.

An FA tribunal decided on Thursday that Chelsea must hand over the multimillion-pound compensation.

Typically Chelsea did not want to enter into must debate, simply saying: "'We are content with the outcome of the tribunal regarding Daniel Sturridge's transfer from Manchester City. The initial fee is very close to what we first offered. Any subsequent payments are directly linked to the success of the player and that is satisfactory to us.'

Still it's quite a sizable some for the likes of you, me, Portsmouth etc.

But for moneybags City it will just be a bit of niggling spare change rattling round Roberto Mancini's jacket pocket.

he might spend it on a couple of new scarfs.

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