Chelsea love-in - fact or fiction?

Last updated : 24 January 2007 By Paul Lagan
It all seemed a bit weird last night at the post-match press conference.
Jose Mourinho was in concillitory mood following the Blues rout of Wycombe Wanderers to reach the Carling Cip final next month.

Andriy Shevchenko scored twice and Mourinho stated that the hitman is doing what is asked of him.
He said that the striker needed to undergo the "process" of doing things the Mourinho way.
Jose also sent out a clear message to Roman Abramovich that as far as team affairs are concerned it's he who is in charge.
Abramovich is losing the propaganda war between the two.
If the Russian multi-billionaire is getting his ears bent backwards from his "advisors", then perhaps it's time for Roman to start making decisions based on business and not subjective criticism.
Jose is the senior footballing figure in the club - Frank Arnesen is chief scout and director of youth devleopment.
If Jose wants information about young players to review for promotion, then Frank's your man.
If Jose wants to find out about a particular player abroad, then Frank's your man.
I'm not sure he should have the dual role, and having featured on a recent Panorama TV programme, Frank should perhaps focus his attention on the youth development a tad more.
Jose confirmed that John Terry's future at the club is linkled to his own.
Players will always side with the current manager, of course, but Jose took things to a different level.
Asked if JT had enquired if Jose would be manager next season, Jose confirmed that his skipper did indeed ask that. The significant thing is that JT is about to sign an extended contract.
If Jose had suggested he would not be around next year, the implication was clear, JT might not sign the contract.
You see, Roman, you can't win the propaganda war - Jose is far too clever.

So does this mean a Chelsea love-in is in order?
I'd like that, I'd like Roman and Jose to hold a joint press conference and declare how much they both want the same thing and how they have agreed the best way forward.
Do you think it will ever happen?
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