Chelsea boss Benitez should be counting his days at Chelsea

Interim boss of Chelsea Rafael Benitez should be counting his days at Stamford Bridge. With a 2-0 loss to the Swans in the League Cup, his roller-coaster short tenure at the London club is coming up with more surprises than he could ever imagine or comprehend.

Expensive players like Mata, Torres and Hazard should have the club contending for the very apex of English football alongside Manchester United. Instead, it?s a struggling side with occasional flashes of brilliance due to individual talents. Benitez rose to fame as manager for his calm, collected and cool approach especially during his first season at Liverpool, taking them to Champions League glory.

Surely the Club World Cup silverware loss to Corinthians and this recent thrashing by Swans in the League Cup would not have gone unnoticed by the Russian owner of Chelsea FC. A weak Aston Villa?s drubbing by Chelsea should not be the benchmark for a resurgent top-flight football club. This season, the club already out of the Champions League, Benitez has very less opportunities to exhibit his managerial skills. Faltering in that, as well, will not be forgiven easily.

Although the time he has had with this club is a very short one, Chelsea fans would want to see something substantial come out of this manager?s intervention, which as far as they are concerned, hasn?t been really coming. His tactical acumen hasn?t worked very well for Chelsea especially against quality teams and others like the Swans which aren?t overawed by the star players of the Stamford Bridge club.

Chelsea fans were not too happy with Di Matteo?s sacking and the subsequent appointment of this erstwhile Liverpool boss as the interim manager at Stamford Bridge and had clearly expressed so with a hostile reception.

Abramovich?s sacking of managers mid-season is well known and it would come as no surprise if Benitez does not last till summer and is replaced by someone else, someone more dynamic and maybe someone from his own home country.

Source: DSG