Chelsea admit 'kickback' in fans' travel discount scheme

Last updated : 29 January 2010 By Paul Lagan

Chelsea have admitted to receiving kickbacks in a scheme intended to offer travel discounts to Blues supporters.
On the club’s official website, Chelsea state that they receive a kick back (sic). whenever a fan books a holiday with Thomas Cook travel agents.

The Oxford English Dictionary defines the informal variant of kickback as “a payment made to someone who has facilitated a transaction or appointment , especially illicitly” .

If this is the case, and I’m sure Chelsea would never do such a thing, and it’s purely an inappropriate use of the word, then Chelsea fans need to be aware.

Even so,it would be nice to know just how much Chelsea are making off the back of the fans who book their holiday or travel arrangements through Thomas Cook?

See for yourself at,,10268~1948147,00.html