JT's Rants: Scarborough (a)

Last updated : 25 January 2004 By Rich Godden
Skipper and match winner JT said ""We are disappointed in the end but Scarborough made it difficult for us.

"We should win quite easily but that's what the FA Cup is all about. We're in the Premiership and they are non-league but that doesn't mean a thing.

"We had our chances but at the end of the day they had lots of pressure and made it difficult for us.

"They did well but we came here to do a job.''

And Scarborough boss Russel Slade said "For me it was an obvious penalty. I'm slightly biased but it was clear to me. He [Gallas] looked like he handled but it wasn't to be.

"Still, we've done ourselves no harm. It's an emotional dressing room. Everyone is patting each other on the back. They are all proud. They had an enormous number of chances but we stuck in there and possibly had our chances. We gave our fans something to shout about.

"The match has put Scarborough on the football map and financially it has been very good for us. Things will settle down. We're a small club and maybe things do need to settle down. We've enjoyed the journey - it has been exciting. Now we can't wait for next year.''

Boro midfielder Scott Kerr said: "I thought it was handball but some you get, some you don't.

"In the first 15 minutes it took a bit to get into the game and these lads are world-class players. But we got into their faces and did ourselves proud.

"It [the FA Cup run] has been amazing and to get a club like Chelsea just capped it all.''