There is Roo-m for Wayne

Last updated : 18 July 2013 By Peter Adeyemi

Every Chelsea fan knows that Chelsea is in need of a world-class striker and they are doing their best to get one.
If transfer rumours were to be believed, Chelsea would have the best players in the world. Chelsea have been heavily linked with players like Radamel Falcao, Hulk, most recently Edinson Cavani with their deals failing to come through.
But i feel they don't have to search for so long because what they are searching for is right beside them.

Wayne Rooney is the man to search for.
Wayne Rooney is no mere player. He has proved his talent over the years. He will be a great signing if the deal comes through.
Chelsea needs a striker who isn't going to hang up at the box waiting for pass. We need a striker who is ready to work with the midfielders to score goals. This is what Wayne Rooney will provide.
I don't care what David Moyes has said. If Chelsea put the right amount on the table,  Wayne Rooney will become our player. And this every one knows that with Wayne Rooney, we can conquer the world.