Five ways to ensure success

Last updated : 22 June 2013 By Paul Lagan

Well, the 2012/2013 season is long gone and with it a whole lot of craziness.

From the chance to win close to six trophies to the painful loss to Manchester City in the Community Shield, to Athletico Madrid in the Super Cup, to Corinthians in the Club World Cup, to our legendary former player and coach Roberto Di Matteo getting sacked for a poor run form that culminated with us losing 3-0 to Juventus, to the hiring of Rafa Benitez and the eventual triumph at the final of the Europa League and finishing in third place in the league, we have come a long way.
    The season is over, Benitez has moved on and the Special One is back and Chelsea fans may just see only sun and blue skies for the future but what must Chelsea and Jose Mourinho do to build a platform of success and dominance over the next few years? Below are five sure steps to success.

1.SIGN A GOOD BACKUP FOR CECH OR RECALL COURTOIS: We have let go of Hilario and Ross Trnbull and I couldn't be happier as both were average at best yet instead of rejoicing we should sign a very good backup since courtouis is scheduled for another year out on loan. A whole new season could be derailed if cech gets injured or loses form.

2. INTEGRATE YOUTH AND LOAN PLAYERS INTO SQUAD: We have so many good players out on loan and in our youth setup that it would be criminal not to utilize them. Recalling and integrating the likes of Chalobah, Piazon, Davila and the likes should be given utmost attention with the worse case scenerio being recalling all players loaned outside england and re-loaning them to premier league and championship sides to speed up their development.

3. SELL FRINGE PLAYERS: we are Chelsea but there is the financial fair play regulations to think about and as such, the sales of players like Marin and Essien and others unnamed will at the very least free up squad spaace and get their wages off our bill

4. RECRUIT TOP QUALITY STRIKER: With Lukaku, Torres and say Lewandoski or Cavani and the able backup that is Schurrle, Chelsea would be setting themselves up for success for  a great many years to come. Demba ba should be disposed of to give Lukaku more of a chance since Chelsea is likely to play with a single striker up front.

5. CONCENTRATE ON THE LEAGUE: It's fine and good to want to win the F.A Cup, champions league, Super Cup and all but Chelsea's primary goal should be reclaiming the premier league we last won under Carlo ancelotti in 2009. That is the real yardstick for measuring consisitency and success and it should be what we fight for.

So, what do you think? Is Chelsea set for a decade of dominance?.

Asamaigor Moses Ufuoma