'You don't know what you're doing

Last updated : 10 March 2008 By Paul Lagan

Well that's two cups down and two to go.
Chelsea's ability to self-destruct was supposed to be a thing of the past.
But it has come back in spades in recent weeks, exposing the weak underbelly that operates at the heart of the club.
When Chelsea won the FA Cup in 1997, there was no "big four" only a "big three"
Chelsea ripped that apart thanks to Ruud Gullit's "sexy football".
When Roman's millions extended that to the big four. Chelsea happily took their place at the top - winning the Premier League title twice, the FA Cup and a couple of Carling Cups as well - Chelsea were THE team to beat if anyone was to win a title.
But now Chelsea are trailing in third in the league - eight points adrift of Arsenal, humbled by Spurs in the Carling Cup and embarrassed beyond belief by Championship strugglers Barnsley on Saturday.
Avram Grant said he was "disappointed" by that result.
Well how's that for understatement.
Disappointment is losing to Liverpool in Champions League semi-finals and FA Cups.
It's a disappointment, certainly but understandable - Liverpool are a top, top club.
Losing to Barnsley was not a disappointment, Avram, it was laughable.
You have lost the club millions of pounds in tournament and TV fees.
The knock-on effect in lost revenue due to falling shirt sales and the denting of Chelsea's Global ambitions will and should reverberate within the boardroom.
Crisis meetings should be convened and Roman should bite his ego bullet and fire Grant instantly.
Steve Clarke should take control of the first team with immediate effect.
If not, then Chelsea, under the bumbling guidance of Grant and Henk ten Cate will find themselves hopelessly adrift in the Premiership and dumped out of the Champions League within days of each other.
I saw a number of senior Chelsea figures shaking their heads in the stands at Barnsley. Quite what Roman made of it is not know, but it's a fair to say he was not going to offer a wage rise to his buddy Grant.
So what will happen next?
A defeat or draw at home to almost-relegated Derby County on Wednesday in the league will find Grant's position untenable.
Will the "injured" Didier Drogba and Frank Lampard, who are the two big-money players earmarked to abandon Chelsea in the summer, return to the starting line-up?
Will Hilario replace error-prone Carlo Cudicini?
There are a number of players who are very very unhappy at the moment.
Chelsea's propaganda machine will tell otherwise but we all know it to be false.
Ten Cate stated at the weekend to a Dutch newspaper he came to England to have some peace.
Awww! bless him.
My snout at the training ground informs me Grant's right-hand man likes the pool table and a snooze at the training ground in Cobbam. Perhaps he gets his peace there.

Ten Cate also went on to say how he came to England to get away from the media and not talk to them - we know this because he told the media - yeah, I know, work that one out!

Yes, as the Chelsea faithful shouted at Oakwell: "You don't know what you're doing" - it could easy be applied to just about everyone at the club bar Clarke.
He sorts out those match-day substitutions with the utmost professionalism. 

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