Womens World Cup: Millie Bright on Englands Tournament Aspirations & Their Meeting With Scotland

Chelsea and England star Millie Bright will be a columnist for 90min at the Women's World Cup in France this summer, as Phil Neville's Lionesses' look to secure a maiden World Cup triumph.

It’s hard not to be in a great mood when you’re in such a beautiful country and the sun is shining. 

This place is everything that you want as a player. It’s a perfect environment to be in. It feels like a really good setting for us, and right now the group is so strong and together; we’re in a great place going into the tournament.

We’re a really close team, and we all get on so well.

I’m particularly lucky with my roommate Rachel Daly - she’s one of a kind. She’s my best mate in camp & to be able to share these special moments with her, and the rest of the team, is amazing because we have such a laugh off the pitch.

Having missed SheBelieves due to an injury, and seeing the girls do so well, I’m hungry to make the most of the World Cup and to - hopefully - help the team go all the way and lift the trophy. 

From before the tournament right up to now, I’ve been driven to make sure I’m fit, fresh and ready to give everything.

One of the messages that Phil Neville's constantly gives us is to enjoy what we're doing, and make the most of every part of this tournament. He wants us to make sure we have fun while we’re here and make the most of what will be an incredible experience for us all. 

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There’s been a lot of talk of us having high expectations and wanting to go one better than we did last time in Canada. We feel like we have the winning mentality needed to do so; it's second nature. There’s no doubt about it: we’ve come to France to win the ​World Cup, we believe we can do it, and I think the fans believe it as well.

It’s not just something that you say, it’s something that we are genuinely confident we can do. We have the ability to go and make it happen, so the talking is done, and it’s now about going out and putting the performances on the pitch. 

During Euro 2017, I came off social media. It was my first major tournament and I really wanted to focus. I know that social media can be good for you, but can also be detrimental due to the criticism you can face on it with such a mixture of opinions. I’ve decided to come off it once again for this tournament so that I can solely focus on my football. 

There’s no doubt about it: we’ve come to France to win the World Cup, we believe we can do it, and I think the fans believe it as well.

really want to be in the moment and stay in the World Cup bubble.

It’s normal that if you read the wrong things it can affect your mindset, and for me it’s something I want to eliminate. Everyone is different of course, but if there was something really negative out there that could in some way affect you, it’s not a risk that I want to take. So, I’ve logged out on everything social media wise! 

After Euro 2017, I didn’t even log back on for three weeks! It was really mentally refreshing. 

I’m excited to soak everything up, to take in every minute and live in the moment. Sometimes you can just get caught in social media and constantly looking at your phone, but I don't want that, I want to be caught up in the World Cup. I’ll make sure that I respond to all the lovely messages people have sent after to the tournament of course, but for now it’s time to focus on winning the tournament.

I don’t think anyone has seen just how good this group of players is yet. I’m excited for us to step onto the biggest stage and perform. I’m really looking forward to being challenged and being pushed to my limit. 

Millie Bright

I want to see what we can do starting with Scotland, I’m really looking forward to playing against Erin Cuthbert in particular. I know she’s the enemy on Sunday but I play with her at Chelsea and she’s a really good friend, so in some way I’m still hoping that she does well. I love playing against her in training with Chelsea so it should be good fun on the biggest stage of them in Sunday. 

I want to look back having won this tournament.

I don’t want to look back and think 'what if?' 

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I want to make sure that we have done absolutely everything as a squad to win, which means leaving everything out on the pitch in every single game. 

I want to be able to look back and say that we did it. 

And personally, I want to make sure I perform to the best of my ability and enjoy every single minute of it. 

Source : 90min