What is Gallas playing at?

Just what does William Gallas think he is doing?
Is he being badly advised by his agent?
It is sad that after 200 plus games for the Blues, Gallas is behaving like he is.
He agreed to return from the World Cup at a certain date - he now says he is tired.
Blimmy, after working all week then following the Blues round the country with no respite, I'm sodding tired, but still I get up in the morning and go to work.
Gallas is such a lucky guy to have the talent to play professional football.
All he needs to do is play out one more year for Chelsea, win a cup or two and depart from Stamford Bridge a legend.
Then the likes of AC Milan or Barca will come in for him and he will go with our blessing.
I sometimes wish that footballers were allowed like the rest of us to give notice to quit a job and then go.
But the football industry now compensates players for not doing this by the wages they command - and good luck to them.
So Billy, be a good boy, say sorry, work hard, play great football and win back your reputation.