Unsettled Falcao to Chelsea in January

Goal scoring to many is not just a duty of a striker but also an art in itself. This art is one that is done to ?almost? perfection by legendary strikers and even current ones. Most people go by ?a goal is a goal? but these strikers see something else to a goal: they see goals as a cherished treasure which they hold close their hearts and as such want to create it as beautifully as could be. In summary, these strikers always want to make goals with their names written on it!

Modern strikers are just not the ?Rauls?, ?van Nistelrooys? or ?Inzaghis? who just sneak in at the least opportunity and bang in the goals but possess a lot of trickery and technical abilities with the ball. Strikers as those are pretty much rare and every club who wants to compete at the highest level does well to hold onto them. Prolific strikers like van Persie, Suarez, Cavani, Aguero, Diego Costa, Cavani and Falcao make goal scoring look very easy on any good day. Among the list are only two players who do not compete among the elite in European football, thus the Uefa Champions League ? Suarez and Falcao. The caliber of players that these two are makes it even so agonizing not to be participating in The Champions league. Falcao?s absence could be attributed to his own decision to join Monaco from Atletico Madrid after his former club had qualified. Nevertheless, Monaco looks certain to qualify to the competition next season but could same be said for Suarez and Liverpool?

One of the two strikers is likely to make a move in January and it seems rightly so. Many papers and football websites, notably, The Mirror and Eurosport have all in the past week reported of Jose Mourinho and Chelsea?s renewed interest in Radamael Falcao in the January transfer window. This interest probably stems from the fact that Chelsea?s three strikers have been very profligate in front of goal and Jose doesn?t quite like it. More so, Falcao will not be cup tied and his acquisition will really spark up challenges for laurels this season. The quality Falcao brings is never in doubt and the excitement he?ll bring to Chelsea fans will certainly be massive!

As January approaches and teams gear up, let?s just see whether the deal happens, Chelsea make the move!!!


Source: DSG