Ross Barkley Insists He's Learnt a 'Big Lesson' From Taxi Incident After Frank Lampard Criticism

​Chelsea midfielder Ross Barkley has claimed to have learned from his off-field transgressions after being criticised by manager Frank Lampard. 

The England international had an altercation with a taxi driver over spilled chips which required police intervention just days before a Champions League game in October, prompting ​Lampard to admit that Barkley was 'naïve' for his actions.


When asked if the incident had taught him a lesson, Barkley was quoted by ​Sky Sports as saying: "Yes, a big lesson. You have got to be aware of your surroundings when you let your hair down for any player out there.

"You have just got to be aware of what's around you. It is just more about being with the right company and in private. 

"When you play in the ​Premier League, you are a high-profile player, so it is about keeping low-key and switched on. When you are on holiday or away you need the right people around you. 

Ross Barkley

"I have made that mistake and it won't happen again but I am sure it will happen to young players in the future. We all make mistakes but it is about being aware. That's just the way football is now with phones. You have to adapt to the way things are now.

"Back in the day players wouldn't have to think about things like that but you can't forget people want to make you look bad. I am a very professional player but that 10 seconds doesn't make you look professional."

​Chelsea's 2-0 win over Nottingham Forest on Sunday was only the third time ​Barkley has played a full 90 minutes under Lampard, with the likes of Mason Mount, Matteo Kovačić and ​N'Golo Kanté ahead of the 26-year-old in the pecking order.

Mason Mount,N'Golo Kante,Olivier Giroud

When discussing how Lampard has reacted to his behaviour, Barkley said: "Everyone makes mistakes. When you make mistakes, you have got to learn from them. I am 26 now and I understand when you make a mistake, learn from them and move on. He was really supportive.

"Lampard was one of the best players in the world and I am sure when he was a player, he liked to let his hair down at the right times.

"He fully understands in his day that there was none of that. It is more that people want to make you look bad, but it is in my hands and other players hands to not be in that position."

Source : 90min