Roman and Jose - meet at last

Last updated : 27 April 2007 By Paul Lagan
The much-anticipated meeting between Jose Mourinho and Roman Abramovich took place earlier today.
It has being reported that the owner of Chelsea FC and the manager of the club haven't spoken for the best part of five months.
Jose was expected to be sacked in the summer for not towing the Abramovich line but a thawing of the frosty relations appears to have begun.
Peter Kenyon's wote of confidence in Mourinho is of course welcome but it's the meeting today where both men will set out their agendas that will determine the future or otherwise for Mourinho.
The hub of the problem stems from what Mourinho sees as interference into his realm.
Abramovich clearly is of the understanding that it's his club and he will have whatever impact he wants on it and if it is contrary to Mourinho's stated position then tough.

Mourinho won the propaganda war hands down and the very public show of support for Jose by fans clearly had it's affect on Roman.
As stated here previously, Roman wants to be loved.
Getting rid of the most successful manager in their history would forever cast a cloud over his ownership of the club.
Common sense has prevailed at board level where Kenyon has stated Jose will not be sacked in the summer.
But it's the outcome of today's meeting that's pivotal.
Jose has to amend his squad policy and have inserted that in exceptional circumstances he would expect the support of the club to emergency purchases.
This would cover him for the bizarre double loss of Cech and Terry which has hampered Chelsea defence of the Premiership title.
It would prevent the digging of heels from Roman which occurred during the Christmas period.
It's all very well meeting and having a glass or two of house red. The substance of the talks must be more concrete and in the best interests of the club.
Jose will accept a director of football while all his coaching stafff including Steve Clarke will get extended and binding contracts.
Here's to three points tomorrow and a visit from Roman to the changing room after the game.
C'mon Red Roman show your blue heart.