Roman Abramovich- The Two Sides Of The Chelsea Owner

Having come under much scrutiny the past few days for his ruthless sacking of club icon Roberto Di Matteo ? players, fans and pundits alike have all branded Abramovich as a man with little patience, and whose rash decisions have failed to let his team settle and and unite into a regular championship contending side. Abramovich doesn't like to be told what to do ? and due to his senseless vision of authority, his beloved club has seen great managers such as Jose Mourinho and Carlo Ancelotti leave on relatively bad terms, despite being incredibly successful.

His recent sacking of the man who finally brought the Champions League to him has bewildered a vast amount of the Chelsea faithful. With signs, banners and protest's evident in their recent game against Manchester City. Benitez was booed, as Stamford Bridge roared 'There's only one Di Matteo.'

However the Russian is a strong advocate of Fernando Torres ? which makes me believe the billionaire has two sides to him. With 19 goals in 88 games for Chelsea, you'd believe that Abramovich would have had enough of the Spaniard, but at ?50million, you cant blame the Russian for remaining keen to back his exorbitant purchase from Liverpool.

If Abramovich adapted a similar approach to Torres as he has done his managers, perhaps Chelsea would not be in such a crisis. With their ninth manager in eight years, Abramovich has failed to bring in stability to the London club which is crucial to any consistent championship winning side.

Since Torres joined Stamford Bridge, the club has had an astonishing four different managers. All removed of their post arguably down to Fernando failing to score. Ancelotti was dumped with the striker after Abramovich bought him against the Italian's wish ? and with two more managers failing to ignite the forwards career - Abramovich is arguably using his final card to rekindle El Nino, before his beloved Chelsea start to turn on him.

Rafael Benitez got the best out of Fernando Torres from there time together at Liverpool, and has been brought in in what is Abramovich's final desperate act to get his forward firing on all cylinders.

Perhaps Abramovich does have two sides of him. We portray him as a ruthless, impetuous owner who isn't allowing his club the time to embed and gel together. Although, you cannot argue against the fact that the Russian has invested over ?1billion into Chelsea Football Club, as well as winning 10 major trophies for the Blues.

Abramovich loves Chelsea Football Club, and will do whatever he thinks best for his team.

Should Abramovich stand by Fernando Torres any longer?

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