On the road to Rio

It's all fun and games off the field at Chelsea these days.

Not content to run away with the Premiership title with Man Utd and Arsenal trailing in their wake, Chelsea are intent on scoring points off their rivals off the pitch too.

The Ashley Cole affair, and now RioGate appears to be a systematic attempt by Chelsea to intimidate their only serious contenders.

The net effect of all of these shenanigans is to destabilise the teams.
Quite what Lamps, JT and Coley say to the players when they are away together on England duty is another thing.

I imagine the Chelsea boys are asked to tell them that they can earn untold riches by moving to the Bridge.

Of course, this is pure speculation - Chelsea has issued two statements regarding meetings between Rio and Kenyon - pure co-incidence they were too - the meetings, not the statemenets.

As for the Ashley Cole affair, well, that is now subject to a three-man inquiry.

Whatever the outcome of ColeGate and RioGate, Chelsea have scored even more points off the pitch from their rivals.

All this publicity - good or bad, is part of the Chelsea remit to become a global brand.

Bad publicity is better than no publicity in Kenyon's world order, so expect more to come.