No Parade - what a shambles

Last updated : 21 May 2007 By Paul Lagan
Chelsea cannot afford to hold a parade - so decided not to bother.
Thousands of Chelsea fans were unable to get tickets for Saturday's FA Cup victory over Manchester United..
The best they could hope for was a glimpse of their heroes parading the cup in an open-top bus - It's called tradition Roman!
Chelsea issued the following dismissive statement: "Chelsea Football Club's preferred date for a victory parade was today, Sunday May 20.
However due to the logistical problems of organising the parade at short notice and the cost issues involved as a result, this was not achievable.

We understand this may cause disappointment for some supporters but is due to circumstances beyond our control."

What a liberty.
Did they not know the date of the cup final? They seemed to arrive on time. All the corporate hangers -on seem to know where Wembley was
Even Roman popped along.
A parade has always been held following the final - arrangements should have been made.
And the cost was too much - that's the real  reason.
So Mr Bruce Buck, Peter Kenyon and Simon Greenburg - who all earn a King's ransom for the privilage of shafting the fans, you  should issue an apology and explain your actions.
That is if you are reading this from your exotic holiday resorts.
Chelsea should not be run in such a way.
Did they think no one would turn up?
Chelsea should have made all the preparations, advertised the fact and the streets would have been full of blue and white .
This current Chelsea management team - not Jose, should hang their heads in shame.