Mourinho confident he won't be sacked

Jose Mourinho tried to hold his tongue for fear that whatever he said could land him in with an FA fine in the post-match press conference following the defeat to Liverpool, but he did say that this was not his last match as manager of the Blues.
Asked for his thoughts over the 3-1 score, he said: "No."
The thought at this was going to be the shortest post-match press conference in his tenure, continued with a helpful suggestion about what it was the press could talk to him about.
His reply: "I would like to listen more than being questioned"
But they pressed on and Mourinho was asked how could a team that cantered to the league title last season be so comprehensively beaten as they were.
Mourinho's response was prickly: "Did you arrive now or see the game, did you see the game?"
But they kept going and he was asked for his opinion if Liverpool should have been reduced to 10 men when Lucas hauled down Ramires when he had already been booked.
"What do you think? You are not punished by the FA. If I tell you I am punished.
Asked what he could do to halt the decline that he hasn't done already, he said: "There are things that are out of our hands. The players they tried, and you could feel the attitude, the desire from them. That the game was at best 50/50. There was two minutes of extra time (in the first half) we conceded on two minutes and 35 seconds and then what happened in the second half, is a consequence of some crucial moments that the stadium saw. The players more than saw, they felt it, and from then on what happens is a consequence of that.
"I have no doubts that the players want to play for me and do as I ask. Some individual performances are below their normal level, not many. I would say a couple. Even these ones suffer as they are not able to do more - the team is together. This not not my last match here [as manager].
Asked if he had reacted the way Jurgen Klopp did, jumping up and down after a bad decision, would he be punished? He replied. "What do you think. I can't say as I would be punished."
But reminded that he said it to the 4th official anyhow, he replied: "And he told me to shut up or I'll go out."
Mourinho feels he will get the time to turn the situation around and that the fans support him.
"I take comfort, but what feeds me is not just the support of the fans. It's the recognition of our work. I have some plays who are sad and I am fully respectful of them. But we see it, match after match, that as professionals, they are not getting the respect that they deserve. I don't think that we are going to have a great Saturday dinner - even our families have the same feeling that we have. And I'm really sorry of that lack of respect for professionals.
"You are all intelligent guys, who can write about who I mean," he suggested.
"At the next press conference I will bring you nice glasses. Maybe you will see the game in a better way. Or I give you five per cent personality so you can say what you see and are not afraid of it.
"Now I will go home and watch the rugby and then I will start preparing the training season for tomorrow and the game on Wednesday against Dynamo Kiev."