MiserableMourinho blames players and crowd

Jose Mourinho was not a happy man following the 2-1 win against near neighbours QPR this afternoon.
Despite remaining top of the Premier League and unbeaten this season, Mourinho cut a sullen, moody figure.
"I won't talk about Harry," he said in reply to a question that stated that Redknapp felt that Eden Hazard's winning penalty was harsh.
"I felt it was a penalty," is all he would say on the matter.
He was asked why he looked so unhappy.
"I am not happy because my team did not play well, or as well I had expected," he said.
"We had periods of good football, not consistently.
"Obviously I am happy with the three points I felt we deserved. But it one thing to deserve but another to deserve by playing well, which we didn't.
"I don't think we played well in the first half," he said.
"And (Robert Green) played well and kept them in the game. But we could have scored more. We played in 10/15 minute periods.
"We were playing against a well organised team. Everyone knew what QPR would do. The wingers were chasing our fullback, their midfielders changed their system to face us going three against three. It was fantastic work by Harry and they gave us a tough match. But I think with our quality, I would expect us to be stronger.
"It's important to win when you don't play well, as it compensates for other matches where you play well but get nothing from them.
"The best thing for me was the reaction from the team when it was 1-1 - there was no panic from us. Immediately we saw a change in intensity from our football. We scored a penalty and Green made two good saves, so I was happy with that reaction."

Mourinho seemed preturbed in the first half by the dullness of the floodlights which seem to cast a shadow on the pitch. It allowed Mourinho to criticise the Chelsea crowd too.
"I think the man responsible for the lights was in the same mood as the crowd as everybody was sleeping, so maybe he was snoozing. So maybe he took 20 minutes to realise that it was dark, but I took 30 minutes to realise the stadium was not empty. I only realised that when the crowd came alive when we scored."

Mourinho was not happy with the performance of Diego Costa but suggested it was not a physical reaction to his apparent groin injury of late.
"He did not play well, like the team. But a muscular injury is not just about your body. It's your brain too. As after that you are afraid of reactions. It breaks you a little bit. Normally the next match he will be better."
But he did heap praise on goal-scorer Oscar.
"I think Oscar was our best player," he said.
"For 90 minutes, he was the best, not just because of his goal, but for his intensity and dynamic. When we recovered the ball in transitions, he was always sharp, and fast. He always was in recovery positions and pressed the ball. It was fantastic, he played three games in seven days. Some of the guys did not play in midweek, so I would have expected them to be fresher and sharper than Oscar but they were not.
"He is playing well. It was a difficult pre-season for him after the World Cup, he is giving lots of balance and creativity in the team and he scored. That is only possible in a very talented boy."

Reacting to suggestions that his team did not want to kill games off, Mourinho took umbrage at the suggestion.

"Last week the pitch was windy at Old Trafford( when Chelsea drew 1-1 with Manchester United), today Green played well, no one can say. We don't want to kill off game, we might not do it, but don't say we don't want to kill games - it's not true. We kept trying to score. We had other chances to score too."