Maka is centre of PR incompetence

Poor Claude Makelele.
He is forced to continue his international career against his will, so it would appear.
It's beyond comprehension that such a situation was allowed to happen.
Firstly - does Claude want to play for France or not?
If not, then that information should have being passed to the French football authorities within a set timescale.
Claude had already announced his retirement once so the idea that this is something out of the blue which has caught everyone by surprise is hogwash.
Chelsea should have made it their duty to confirm with Maka his international intentions and confirmed them with the French.
If that is what has happened, then rightly Chelsea have a case to bleat about.
If not, then they are in the wrong.
Their communications department is responsible for, well... communication, so they are culpable in not telling the French, in the allotted time.
It now appears that a fax was sent to the French a couple of days before the squad for the Euro 2008 matches was announced.
Now why on earth did Chelsea not follow up the fax with a call to confirm it was recieved.?

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