Liverpool - a bit previous there

Liverpool are stoking up a bit of unnecessary aggro for themselves ahead of tomorrow night's Champions League (CL) match against Chelsea.

The Reds have come out fighting saying that they should automatically get a place in next season's CL should they defeat Chelsea and win this season's CL.

No doubt Jose is fuming at this arrogant stance and will use it to fire up the boys.

In one-off cup competition, it is foolish and somewhat arrogant to talk about winning a competition when the semis have yet to take place.

Liverpool manager Rafael Benitez said: "Common sense says that if you win a trophy next year you need to defend this trophy."

Of course this has come about because the Reds are four points behind a certain Everton for the coveted fourth spot in the Premiership which will gain that club an automatic place in next season's CL qualifiers.

UEFA will only allow four English teams into the competition and the FA would have to make a decision as to who to "invite" to take part should arrogant Liverpool win the CL or hard-working Everton finish in fourth place.

My money is that Chelsea will defeat Liverpool and make the who farce academic and Everton will finish fourth consigning Liverpool to a UEFA Cup slot.