Kenyon: We will be at Bridge for next five years

Last updated : 02 December 2008 By Paul Lagan

Peter Kenyon has finally come clean and put down a timetable for Chelsea's future home ground location.

With various announcements surrounding the extension of a travel club partnership this week, Kenyon has also got around to talking about what supporters have being discussing for the past year - Are Chelsea leaving Stamford Bridge?
Typically, Kenyon hedged his bets or simply he dosen't know. What he clarified was that even if they decided they wanted to move away from the Bridge today, they would still be there for the next five years.
Identification of a site, planning permission, building etc would all take this amount of time to complete.
What he said was:"At this moment in time, we are here and that is not going to change for at least the next two years. We are here for the next five years even if we decided something today and you have to build a business model around that."
So he's saying don't bother bringing it up again, that will be the answer.
Of course much goes on behind the scenes well in advance of any public statement, so Chelsea-Mad will be keeping an eye on developments in the coming year.
It's also nice for Roman to know that by 2011 Chelsea will break even and not be reliant on Roman's cash to keep the business moving.
Like Easter, break even dates are something of a moveable feast.
Again that is something we will be coming back to in due course.