JT ousted as England captain

Last updated : 25 March 2008 By Paul Lagan
John Terry has lost his England captaincy.
In an unprecedented action, new coach Fabio Capello has named Rio Ferdinand as the man to lead England against France on Wednesday night in Paris.
Terry missed Capello's first match through injury.
But now, back in Chelsea side and a goalscorer against Sunderland two week's ago, Terry's place in the England side has to be in doubt.
Capello must be thinking in leaving the player out altogether.
It's bizarre that Terry should be in a position where his captaincy is being called into question.
By all means have a number two but JT has done nothing wrong as a player to warrant this insult.
It's a shameful decision by the Italian.
If Terry is dropped by Capello for footballing reason then fair enough.
JT will survive that.
But if he has lost his captaincy due to his so-called off the field activities which have ben documented in the national press, then Capello can expect heaps of criticism himself.
If the FA are insisting on some new kind of puriatism to sweep across the national game, then they are misjudged.
It's player ability which should count.
Provided JT has done nothing illegal, then the only reason to lose the captaincy is on footballing grounds only.

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