Jose Mourinho media conference - what he said

Embattled Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho on Tuesday addressed the media ahead of a potentially pivotal week for his future

Here are some of the highlights:

On whether he had spoken to owner Roman Abramovich since last Saturday's loss to Liverpool:

I don't have to answer you if I was with the owner or not.

On how long he has left as Chelsea manager:

Four years

In this case, three years and seven months or something like that.

On what is going wrong at Chelsea:

Yes, I know (why)

It's a combination of factors and some of them I can't, I don't want, to touch them

It's not one reason

One reason would be easy to fix.

On what he has learned from Chelsea's terrible start to the season:

I try to be (a better coach) every day

Not because of this

If I'm only a better coach because of bad results, I would be a very bad coach, because in the past 15 years I would never improve

Yes, it's new for me

That's why I am a good one (manager)

If I was a bad one it would come before (now).

On coping with Chelsea's miserable run of form:

In 2004 after winning the Champions League final with Porto, I said that one day in my career bad results will come and I will face the bad results with the same honesty and dignity that I'm facing now as European champion

I resisted well to the nature of my job, to the nature of football - 11 years waiting for this

It took time, but came in a moment where I am stable and I am strong to face it.

On whether he had behaved with honesty and dignity, given the Football Association disciplinary cases against him:

The way in this moment I'm going to show my dignity is not to answer you.

On reports a Chelsea player would rather lose than win for him:

Look, I think it's a very sad accusation, because you are accusing a player or more than one player, I don't know of dishonesty

If I accuse you of being a dishonest journalist, I think you'd be very upset and probably you'd take legal action

It's a question for the players, not for me.

On Chelsea's chances of progressing from Champions League Group G

The Blues are third at the halfway stage ahead of Wednesday night's clash with Dynamo Kiev:

I am completely convinced that we are going to qualify and I think (in) first (place)

Our situation in the Champions League is not phenomenal, but it's an absolutely normal situation

Even the match tomorrow is not a must win

It's a must-not lose.

Source : PA

Source: PA