Jose Mourinho isnt as hated as he would like the world to think he is

Jose Mourinho has relentlessly sought to portray himself as the victim of unwarrantedantagonism from the world in general

He speaks of conspiracies and jealousy just about whenever he gets the opportunity

However, in his moment of weakness, the reaction from everywhere has been all but positive with counterparts, players and pundits in support of the self-proclaimed Special One

Here are a few of the people in support of Mourinho and what they had to say.

Mark Hughes The Stoke City manager has been in support of Mourinho all the way and had this to say about the Chelsea boss, “I don’t think anyone thinks that he won’t.( recover from the current situation)

I donÂ’t anticipate theyÂ’ll be in the position they are for too much longer

He says it himself he’s a top manager and the best Chelsea have ever had so why would they change?”

Thierry Henry The former player turned pundit even went as far as to say the following about Jose Mourinho, “There is only one man who can turn Chelsea’s season around and he is already in place at Stamford Bridge

Jose Mourinho is the clubÂ’s most successful manager and it makes no sense for them to get rid of the man who put them on the football map.Luis Figo The two were together at Barcelona and Inter Milan and the now retired player had only good things to say about his fellow countryman

“ I have no doubts Jose will get Chelsea out of this situation as he did so many times before

The main thing is to believe in him, his work and then it will be easier to win again.”

Carlo Ancelotti Even with full knowledge that he would probably get to replace Jose Mourinho, the Italian seems to be in full support of Jose

“ He is the best manager for Chelsea right now

He is one of the best managers in the world, everyone knows this and in football sometimes you come across such situations

I’ve never come across a manager who has won all his games.”

Sir Alex Ferguson An outright nemesis for many a year, most may think there is no love lost between Sir Alex and Jose and yet the Manchester United legend went out of his way to express support for Mourinho even when he seemed at his lowest.

Of course we cannot then say everyone loves Jose but most individuals of considerable significance seem to see him more in good light than with contempt as it so often seems.

Source : DSG