Jose is back and taunting Kenyon

Last updated : 07 March 2008 By Paul Lagan
It was good to see Jose back in the newspapers this week.
Its's the first stage in his propaganda mission which will see him land one of the world's top clubs as his next managerial post after his sacking from Chelsea in September
To ensure that he did not breach his "gardening leave" restrictions, Jose had a meeting with Chelsea's chief executive Peter Kenyon - himself not unfamiliar with the practice - on Wednesday last week to thrash out what he can and cannot say about his former employers.
The fact that Jose came out and said yesterday, on the one hand he loves Chelsea but on the other hand wants to "kill" them when they and his new club meets on the field, suggests that Chelsea have finally decided that Jose is no longer a threat to them and that he's now free to continue his career.
With the gardening leave over, we can now expect Jose to use his favoured media outlets to pronounce on all things football, the world, but in particular all things Mourinho.
Jose will have the choice of managing Barcelona, Real Madrid and AC Milan in the summer as each of the three look towards the Special One to recapture their former glories.
Milan are a club in the most need of rebuilding, while the lure of sticking one up the noses of those in Barcelona who taunted him as just an interpreter would surely tickle his fancy.
I suspect it is Real Madrid which would be his number one choice as it would allow him to get revenge against Barca by managing their greatest rivals.
One things for sure, if Jose returns next season to Stamford Bridge in the Champions League managing against Chelsea - it will be his name and not Avril Grant's (assuming he's not already kicked upstairs) who will get the loudest cheer.