Jose: I won't resign, no way

"Things can get worse if we lose the next game," admitted under fire Jose Mourinho following his side's crushing 3-1 defeat to Southampton at Stamford Bridge.
But he insists that he will not resign and the club must show stability in regard to mangers and that he will turn to youth in the next game against Aston Villa.
He insists that he will not resign, will not run away from the club he loves.
"If I have left any doubts to anyone let me tell you this," he said.
"No way will I resign, no way. Why? Because Chelsea cannot have a better manager than me. There are many managers who belong to my level, but not better.
So no chance I run away.
"It's for two reasons, firstly I have my professional pride and I know that I am very good at my job.
Secondly, because I like this club very much.
"If that's not the case then it could be different. But add the two together I want the best for my club, which is for me to stay - so I stay.
"When we were champions I said that I was going to stay until the owner and the board want me to leave.
"No club can persuade me to leave, no financial offer can persuade me to leave. I am going to stay until the owner/and the board tell everyone. 'Jose, it's enough'.
"When I was champion I say that, now I tell you when I am 16th in the table.
So no chance I resign, that is completely clear.
I cannot tell you anymore."
Asked if the board feels the same way, he said:" There's is no sign from the board that anything has changed.
"I know that the history of this club is that, when results are not good, the manager is sacked.
But when I was contacted to come back. I was told we had so many managers, we know you are the best. So I think it's time for the club to act in a different way, to mark a position of stability and trust.
Three months we had the buzz of the cups. So it's time for all of us to be together at the other end of the league."
But Mourinho is confident he can turn things around and propel his side up the league.
"In December, January or February we will be in top four," he said. "To be champions it will be very, very difficult. In football it's not impossible but very difficult. But top four is completely doable."
But he concedes his Chelsea future is out of his hands.
"But the power is always in the end with the owner and board," he said.
"I was taught from an early age to respect that.
"Do the players trust me and say if I am the man for the job. We spoke about it this week and the answer was undoubtably yes. The supporters, when they booed the Willian decision to be taken off, I would have done the same if I did not k owthat he was ill and vomiting in the dressing room at half-time. The doctor told him immediately that it would be difficult for him and he was in trouble.
The fans do not know what was going on."
Was Matic humiliated when he was brought on as sub and then replaced?
Mourinho thinks not.
"He was not humiliated. I don't to that to people in football and in life. If it's something I do then I do without any intention and it was not the case.
"With the players it was not easy. I like them, trust them and know they are good players. But with some of them are really in a difficult moment and Matic is one of them. He is not playing well, and not sharpe defensively. He is making mistakes with the ball and made poor decisions.
"I brought him on because Ramires was already booked and I was afraid of a second yellow card. Then we conceded the goal and I need to make a change and play another striker.
"So I have to take off a midfielder. I kept Oscar as he creates more, I kept Fabregas as he is the one, that because of his experience at Barcelona he is the one that copes better with the pressure even though he is not playing well. His emotional stability is high so I took off Matic. But I have a fantastic relationship with him - humiliating no."

Does he expect Roman Abramovich or the board to speak and explain their position regarding his Mourinho?
"No," he suggests.
"Not at all. The owners's profile over the years not to speak is fabulous. I'd love to do the same. To be the manager and not have to speak at press conferences. He has the privilege and it's fantastic and he and the board does not need to."

But Mourinho is adamant that at last one star won't be playing in the next league game against Aston Villa and that youngster Rubén Loftus-Cheek will.
"My job is not so simple. I have to measure the situation and ask myself in difficult moments 'what's the best thing to do - to keep more experienced players to cope better with the pressure.
But everyone does the same. When I did not play John Terry and play Zouma instead, the press are the first ones to say the team needs the captain, the team needs the leader, and stability and personality.
"Now with Rubén it's the same. Who can cope better with the pressure? Maybe the situation is now so negative that a young player does not feel the pressure. Maybe he feels less pressure than when the team is top of the league and fighting for the title and looking for victories to be champions.
"So now is the time not to play six kids but I think Rubén is more ready and if everything goes well in the next two weeks he will start against Aston Villa and have a run of matches to get the stability of becoming a first team choice."
Asked if was a sad indictment that a young player gas to be brought in to save them season, Mourinho jumped on part of the question.
"It's not to save the season. I say that at the profile of the moment and the young player it's a good moment to play him.
"My senior players won the title last season. I will not name the players. But it's easy to see that some players are in difficulties, and as a manager, I am in the situation where I trust them, like them and keep them or drop them and change them.
"If I drop Ivanovic and play Ola Aina you tell me that Ivan did so much for this club and is a good personality - strong mentality.
"I have that in mind too and I am not afraid of responsibilities and one of the changes I am going to do is play Rubén. Now I have to persuade him not to have any pressure."