Jose hit in pocket and with ban threat

Jose Mourinho is £50,000 lighter in his wallet today following his admission of an FA charge regarding comments he made, post-match the referee who took charge of the 3-1 defeat at Stamford Bridge by Southampton, two weeks ago.
Okay, it's only a third of his weekly wage, but it's not cash to be sneezed at.
The beleaguered Chelsea boss said officials were afraid to award him penalties after the man in the middle Robert Madley refused the Blues a spot kick.
That suggested that the ref was biased - something the FA could not leave unchallenged.
Mourinho was also handed a one-match suspended stadium ban, lasting a calendar year. So he has to be a good boy for the next 52 weeks.

To be fair Mourinho admitted the charge because he didn't care about the ramifications - in fact he also said that after that defeat: "If the Football Association wants to punish me they can. They don't punish other managers."

One wonders what he would have got last season had he pushed Arsene Wenger and it not being the other way round - which it was.
Ho hum...